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Welcome to Brill Burger,

where passion meets flavour! 

We’re not your typical fast-food joint—we’re artisans dedicated to creating burgers that redefine the dining experience.

Let us introduce ourselves

Flame-Grilled Perfection

At Brill Burger, we believe that the magic happens over an open flame.

Our beef patties are meticulously crafted from premium cuts of beef, ensuring every bite is a celebration of flavour. No shortcuts here—just juicy, succulent goodness that’ll transport you to burger nirvana.

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Hand-Crafted with Love

Our commitment to quality extends beyond the grill.

Each patty is hand-pressed with care, using only three simple ingredients: beef, salt, and pepper. No fillers, no additives—just pure, unadulterated deliciousness. It’s like having a homemade meal, but better!

Brill Burger is the ultimate destination for burger lovers. 

At Brill Burger, we believe that crafting the perfect burger is an art form. Our beef patties are crafted from premium cuts of beef, ensuring a juicy, flavorful experience in every bite. We're not just making burgers, we're redefining the dining experience. With a taste of home, but better.

Signature Creations

Explore our menu, and you’ll find a symphony of flavours waiting to tantalize your taste buds. There's something for every palate.

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Steak Stacker

Topped with Steak Slices, American cheese, crispy onions, BBQ & our house special signature sauce.

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Fiery Cheetos Burger

Topped with melted Monterey Jack cheese, crispy Cheetos, crispy onion, spicy Brill mayo & ketchup in a toasted pretzel bun.

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Home Away from Home

Step into our cozy space, where the aroma of sizzling burgers greets you like an old friend. We’ve created an atmosphere that feels like your favorite kitchen—warm, inviting, and full of love. Whether you dine in or take it to-go, it’s comfort food at its finest.

Our Locations

Brill Burger Chesterfield

The Batch House Food Hall S41 8JY

Opening Times

Monday to Thursday
Friday to Saturday

12PM - 9PM
12PM - 10PM
12PM - 8PM

Brill Burger Sheffield

203 Crookes, Sheffield S10 1TE

Opening Times

Tuesday to Thursday
Friday to Saturday

3PM - 11PM
3PM - 12AM
3PM - 11PM

Join the Brill Burger Family

We’re more than a burger joint; we’re a community. Share your Brill Burger moments with us on social media. Your feedback fuels our passion, and we can’t wait to serve you again and again.

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